As of: 2023-09-25-20:29:56
23WC0772609/25/2318.45Traffic StopAVIATION BLVD & DISCOVERY BLVD
23WC0772509/25/2318.08Hit and Run200 Block of SUMMIT ST
23WC0772409/25/2317.07Anthon Directed Patrol301 E MAIN ST; ANTHON CITY HALL
23WC0772309/25/2316.48Traffic Stop4TH ST & BUCKLEY ST
23WC0772209/25/2316.40Sloan Directed Patrol428 EVANS ST; SLOAN CITY HALL
23WC0772109/25/2316.36Hornick Directed Patrol400 Block of MAIN ST
23WC0772009/25/2316.21Court Security600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
23WC0771909/25/2316.04Mental Call Transportation2700 Block of STONE PARK BLVD
23WC0771809/25/2315.57Traffic StopS LEWIS BLVD & WARRIOR RD
23WC0771709/25/2315.22Cushing Directed Patrol200 Block of MAIN ST
23WC0771509/25/2314.02Transportations4000 Block of INDIAN HILLS DR
23WC0771609/25/2312.18Mental Call Transportation1600 Block of 7TH ST
23WC0771409/25/2312.12School Resource Off. Activity100 Block of W 1ST ST
23WC0771309/25/2311.45Criminal Mischief400 Block of 3RD ST
23WC0771209/25/2311.16Mental Call Transportation800 Block of 5TH ST
23WC0770909/25/2310.29Mental Call Transportation1800 Block of 100TH ST
23WC0771109/25/2309.55Transportations600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
23WC0771009/25/2309.53Transportations600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
23WC0770809/25/2309.45School Resource Off. Activity602 PEACH ST; DANBURY CATHOLIC SCHOOL
23WC0770709/25/2308.44Hornick Directed Patrol400 Block of MAIN ST
23WC0770609/25/2308.09Transportations600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
23WC0770509/25/2308.06Transportations800 Block of DOUGLAS ST
23WC0770409/25/2308.06School Resource Off. ActivityMVAO SCHOOL-MAPLETON
23WC0770309/25/2307.45Traffic StopEAST ST & HIGHWAY 175
23WC0770209/25/2307.38C'Ville Directed Patrol312 DRIFTWOOD ST; CORRECTIONVILLE CITY HALL
23WC0770109/25/2307.38Danbury Directed Patrol200 Block of 1ST ST
23WC0770009/25/2300.21ArrestMM 146 INTERSTATE 29 SB
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